• 2017
  • 11 December, 2017
    Looking Ahead To 2018
    In this commentary our Strategy Committee will each cover aspects of our 2018 outlook for the global economy, currencies, equities, bonds and potential tail risk events.
    10 November, 2017
    What can authorities do to offset the next financial crisis?
    Historically, financial crises usually trigger two policy responses by central banks and governments: emergency actions to ensure that financial markets continue to function and support for the economy via easing in the form of monetary and fiscal policy accommodation.
    18 October, 2017
    Past, Present and Future
    In this commentary members of our Strategy Committee will cover their views mainly related to our Diversified Core Strategy over the recent period and looking forward.
    11 September, 2017
    Taking The Temperature Of The UK Economy
    For 2017 the UK economy has seen two consecutive soft quarters of 1% real growth. The second quarter national accounts confirm that the loss of consumer spending momentum lies at the heart of the slowdown.
    10 August, 2017
    The Trouble With Bonds…
    …might be that they cannot offer equities support in times of Market turmoil.
    6 July, 2017
    Diversified Core Strategy Mid-Year Review
    As the first half of 2017 is now behind us we wanted to give you an update on how we have transitioned the asset allocation in our Diversified Core Strategy over the past six months.
    15 June, 2017
    May Day In June!
    Our Chief Investment Officer, Nolan Stanton, assesses the outlook for financial markets during our June Seminar ahead of the UK General Election.
    15 June, 2017
    Estate Planning And All It Entails
    Our guest speaker, James Beresford, from Slater and Gordon Law, discusses the importance of Estate Planning.
    7 June, 2017
    Solving The Trump Policy Equation
    Now that the US President has returned from his first major foreign trip, during which he succeeded in throwing the cat amongst the pigeons in Europe as much as he does at home, it seems a good time to see what, if anything, his administration may achieve in his first Term to propagate real returns on capital.
    5 May, 2017
    Allez Les Bleus!
    As the dust settles on the French Presidential Election results we can focus on the future for France and the role of the Euro.