Portfolio Building Blocks, or Detached Homes for Money

There will be investors whose drivers are different. They may want more income or more global or thematic exposure. To meet their needs we have three strategies for specific objectives.

  • Equity Income is designed for the Sterling focused investor who wants a stream of income from equities with the prospect of growth in both the income and underlying capital. Whilst our macroeconomic views will influence the choice of holdings, the primary objective will be income.
  • Global Equity is designed for the truly global investor. It is not biased to any one market, economy, or currency. It will still reflect our view of the World, but it will pay close regard to the weightings of global equity markets and the types of large business that dominate each one.
  • Emerging Market Thematic targets both direct investment in emerging markets and those sectors of developed markets which seem most likely to benefit from emerging market growth. The underlying exposures will be based on our analysis of the global impact of developing markets and will not be biased to any one market, economy or currency.

It is intended that these Specialist Strategies will be fully invested in all market conditions. There will, of course, be times when cash is held due to new money flows, investor liquidity requirements, or because an investment has recently been sold. However, cash will not be held as a strategic asset. This contrasts these Strategies from the Diversified Strategy Family where cash may be considered as an asset in its own right in times of market turmoil.

Each of these Strategies has its own Factsheet explaining its characteristics and risk in more detail.


Equity Income Strategy

The Equity Income Strategy is driven by a requirement for income.


Global Equity Strategy

The Global Equity Strategy is influenced by our view of global macroeconomics whilst reflecting the composition of global equity markets.


Emerging Market Thematic Strategy

The Emerging Market Thematic Strategy is driven by a vision of the way the emerging markets will develop over the long term.

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