Market Outlook

Our weekly perspective on global markets.

Whitefoord's Market Outlook provides an opportunity for Whitefoord to discuss and highlight, financial events that we think are of interest from the past week which we provide comment.


Market Outlook 26 May 2017

The arrival of summer weather coincided with the markets heating up as well. Last weeks selloff, spurred by turmoil surrounding Donald Trump, was quickly forgotten.


Market Outlook 19 May 2017

Politics yet again dominated headlines and led global markets this week. Volatility returned to financial markets after the lull of the last few weeks, triggered by deepening political tensions in the US, whose equity markets suffered their worst trading day in eight months.


Market Outlook 12 May 2017

Institutional attitudes to investment market risk are said to be complacent given the most distinguishing measure the volatility index, is at a low only seen twice in recent decades.


Market Outlook 05 May 2017

Equity markets have had a strong run since the US Presidential Election in November, moving quickly to embrace expectations that President Trump would quickly deliver on his campaign promises.

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