Clients may be aware that the postal service is not operating as normal and this is leading to delays in letters getting through.  We at Whitefoord are working from home and correspondence to our office is being redirected to us, which introduces additional delays.

We are encouraging Clients to make use of electronic forms of communication with us (our Client Portal and email) where possible.  If Clients are not “online”, we urge them to phone us before sending a letter, which may take several days to arrive.

The issues with post present a particular problem for cheque payments and we encourage electronic transfers.  If you have sent a payment by cheque which has not been processed, please phone us urgently.  If you are planning to send a cheque in future, please phone us beforehand to discuss alternative means of payment.

The majority of our Clients are signed up to our online Client Portal.  This lets us provide market updates, valuation reports and correspondence in a secure electronic format.  If you would like assistance setting this up for your portfolio, please let us know.