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At Whitefoord, we are constantly considering the future, and what we can do for Clients.  Two themes have become increasingly apparent to us over the last few years:

  1. The requirements of the “Baby Boomer” generation are becoming more complex. Issues such as Powers of Attorney, accessing capital tied up in property, supporting family members, long-term care and ultimately passing the wealth to the generations that follow are taking on greater importance.
  1. The younger generations have their own needs, including protecting their family, moving up the housing ladder and saving for their own retirement. Very often, they do not yet have significant investible wealth from which an investment value related fee can fund the advice they require.

This has led to the concept of “Family Office”, whereby Whitefoord sits at the centre of the family’s investment, planning and advice needs, serving all generations of the family ensuring the Estate is properly managed.

The term “Family Office” is widely used for the very rich (£100million+) when in multi-family office form, and for the mega rich (£0.5billion+) in a single family office form.  We are taking the concept and scaling it to suit our Clients’ needs.  Every family shares the need for services to enhance their lives and for asset transfers across generations.

Some of the services naturally fit into the conventional investment and advice realms, but a family’s needs are often much more diverse than those typically met by investment managers and financial advisers.  Family Office creates a way of packaging Whitefoord’s wide range of skills and services developed over the past 20+ years.

We can identify if specialist advice is needed, and steer Clients to an appropriate provider.

The costs of Family Office for younger and less affluent family members can be subsidised if necessary by the wealthier, often older, generation.

Please click on links below to view our online leaflets describing the Whitefoord Family Office services in more detail:

The Family Office

The Financial Concierge

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Trustees, Attorneys & Executors

Estate Planning

Financial Planning

Investment Management

Investment Services

If you would prefer to receive hard copies, or have any queries on Whitefoord Family Office, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Most of the Family Office services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the rules for investor protection will not apply to them.

January 2022

Whitefoord Family Office