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  • 8 February, 2019
    Modern Monetary Theory
    You may not have heard about Modern Monetary Theory yet (MMT). It’s still a developing narrative. But it’s growing, and it’s growing fast. It is a hip economic or financial model, apparently sweeping a World dissatisfied with the solutions offered by mainstream economics.
    25 January, 2019
    The UK And The EU: An Update
    The UK’s entire political focus over the first month of this new year has, of course, been Brexit. I thought it would be useful to talk though what has really changed as a result of these events.
    10 January, 2019
    My Word Is My Bond
    After the Great Financial Crash of 2008, the US Federal Reserve (the Fed) embarked on an unconventional policy that became known as quantitative easing (or QE). The purpose of this policy was to attempt to reduce long-term interest rates, after the Fed funds rate had been cut to effectively zero. Crucially, it was also designed to provide support to asset prices and assist their appreciation.